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May 3rd | Online

3.5.2022 Hoiva&Terveys Arena

The event is held in English

Hoiva&Terveys Arena welcomes top healthcare organizations and company decision makers, professionals, authorities and politicians for networking, discussions, business opportunities and analysis of social and healthcare industries.

The Arena offers a high-quality online seminar program focused on the Nordics, combined with time for networking and an exhibition for partners to present their future visions. The event is hosted by Johannes Malkamäki.

The Arena is held online from the beautiful and historical venue Helsinki Congress Paasitorni.

Keynote Speakers

Anna Stavdal


Family medicine specialist and associate professor at Oslo University. Active in public debate, experienced speaker and passionate advocate for primary care and family medicine.

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Leading positions in family medicine organisations for 25 years, at the Norwegian, Nordic, European and now global level. WONCA World president – elect since 2018, will take office as president in November 2021.

A main area of interest is how family doctors can be enabled to adapt to current trends, – like digitalization, increased fragmentation and specialization in medicine -, and still provide personal, continuous and comprehensive care at first point of contact.

Michael van den Berg


Policy analyst at OECD, specialized in health systems performance assessment, quality of care, performance indicators and primary care.

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Current work is driven by the ambition to move towards a new generation of indicators that will enhance international learning on value of healthcare as reported by patients themselves.

Michael studied sociology, defended his PhD thesis in 2010 and has been working on health services research and policy advice since twenty years. Before working at OECD, Michael led the Dutch Healthcare Performance Report and participated in several international research projects on health care performance.


Marko Rauhala

Managing Director, Nordic Health & Public Services, Accenture, Finland.

Anders Anell

Professor, Department of Business Administration, Lund University, Sweden.

Riikka-Leena Leskelä

Research Director, Nordic Healthcare Group, Finland.

Hannu Välimäki

CEO, Apotti, Finland.

Sisse Marie Welling

Mayor of Health and Care in the Municipality of Copenhagen since 2018. Sisse Marie Welling has been a member of the Copenhagen City Council since 2010.

Mauro Laudicella

Professor in Health Economics, DaCHE, University of Southern Denmark.

Stella Cizinsky

Consultant in Cardiology, Head of Department of Cardiology, Pulmonary Medicine and Clinical Physiology, University Hospital Örebro, Sweden.

Eero Rämö

Deputy CEO, Tekir, Finland.

Marina Erhola

CEO, Päijät-Häme Joint Authority for Health and Wellbeing, Finland.

Jenni Tamminen-Sirkiä

PhD, Executive Director in Colores – the Finnish Colorectal Cancer Association.

Juha Paakkola

Director, Health Capital Helsinki.

Petja Orre

CEO at Harjun terveys. Specialist in Public Health Medicine.

Anders Ahlsson

Director of health care, Stockholm, Sweden.

Emil Heinäaho

Chief Physician, Terveystalo, Public Partnerships, Finland.


Anne Räsänen PatientSky Hoiva&Terveys Arena

Anne Räsänen

Chief Commercial Officer PaaS BU and Managing Director PatientSky Finland and Baltics.




Opening session
KEYNOTE: Anna Stavdal, Norway.
Strong primary healthcare.
How to create sustainable health services and a healthier population.


Primary healthcare on a sustainable and financially stable basis – a utopia?
How do we find a sustainable basis and financial stability for primary healthcare without giving up the Nordic healthcare standards? Anders Anell, Mauro Laudicella, Marina Erhola, Petja Orre, Riikka-Leena Leskelä.

Towards more personal healthcare.
Marko Rauhala. Unloading the burden of primary care. How to avoid queues? Anne Räsänen, Hannu Välimäki, Marko Rauhala, Jenni Tamminen-Sirkiä, Juha Paakkola.


Time for networking


KEYNOTE: Michael van den Berg
Using data to create a health system that benefits citizens.

New generation of indicators that will enhance international learning on value of healthcare as reported by patients themselves.



Leadership in public healthcare – Critical thinking or Business as usual?
Why is leadership so difficult and challenging in public healthcare? Does one need to follow leadership principles or is it good that you create our own system and practices? What do we need to understand about the way people work to become better leaders? Stella Cizinsky, Emil Heinäaho.

Coffee break
Strategic development of healthcare in Copenhagen.
Sisse-Marie Welling
The future of health services in the Nordic capitals.
Eero Rämö, Anders Ahlson
Concluding session

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