The big healthcare and social services seminar

With cooperation sote’s goals are true

January the 25th at 12am – 4pm | Kansallismuseo auditorium, Helsinki

25.1.2023 The Big healthcare and social services seminar

Hoiva&Terveys together with Suomen Yrittäjät and its social and health industry associations welcome you to join The big healthcare and social welfare seminar!
The goals of the social security reform set to be achieved. This requires strategic and flexible cooperation across sector boundaries. In this seminar, the private and public social security sectors and the government meet. We are thinking about how well-being areas bear the responsibility of organization and how production responsibility can be borne together. It guarantees better services. The time for secondary thinking is over. There are a limited number of seats so register now!

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Suuri sote-seminaari 2023

Speech of the government


Merja Aura

CEO, Editor in Chief, Hoiva&Terveys, Bonnier Business Forum.

Harri Jaskari

Manager, Suomen Yrittäjät.

Jonna Waddington

Journalist, Hoiva&Terveys Sote, Bonnier Business Forum.

Henrik Wickström

Business policy expert, Suomen Yrittäjät.

The speech of the director of the Wellbeing services countie

The reform of health services started – are we ready?

Ismo Partanen

Executive Director, LPY.

Ville-Veikko Ahonen

Senior Financial Adviser, Ministry of Finance. Change Leadership, Wellbeing services counties.

The needs are met with a functional division of labor: Eye health as an example

Marko Rauhala

Panu Tast

CEO, Finnish Association of Vision and Eyecare.

An able-bodied person is the ideal resident of any area: Increase employment with rehabilitation

Matti Kilpeläinen

Entrepreneur & Founder, Acoustic Scandinavia Oy & Invisible Acoustic Ceilings Ltd.

Healthcare and social services panel of the parties

Mikael Pentikäinen

CEO, Suomen Yrittäjät.

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